Cafe food

We have 2 sets of menu in café.

a) All season menu- a small regular menu featuring quick sandwiches, baguettes, paninis, spuds with yearly available fillings.

b) Daily/ Weekly menu- another small menu which changes almost everyday based on our local supply, availability and seasonal produce.

We serve Breakfast from 8:30 to 11 a.m. and Lunch from 12 to 2:30 p.m.

Sample Breakfast menu
CEGIN granola
Homemade special granola, cereals-nuts-seeds-sesame served with milk or yoghurt
Breakfast butty
Bacon-egg-sausage served on white or brown toasted bun
Masala poached eggs on toast
mushroom-onion-tomato and herb pouch poached egg
Welsh rarebit
Caerphilly cheese-cheddar-red onion-hint of green chilli on a toast
Meat feast
Chorizo-sausage-bacon-ham-potato-braised eggs
Protein breakfast
3 egg white-spinach and chicken folded omelette served with baked beans
Sample Lunch menu dishes ( as dishes changes on daily basis)

Beef lasagne- toasted garlic sourdough supplement

Chicken tikka curry-steamed basmati

Spinach-cottage cheese curry-steamed basmati

Amritsari machhi-masala fries 

Lamb cawl-root vegetables 

Roast chicken-mustard potatoes

Mix Seafood risotto

Quiche Lorraine

Herb pesto-aubergine-sun dried tomato pasta

Red lentil soup

Puree st. germain

Turkey burger-triple cooked chips

Bobotie-saffron rice

Pastries/ cakes- we also do selection of home made cakes-muffins-bars-brownies

Sample cakes/ pastries dishes

Carrot pineapple walnut cake with lemon buttercream

Bitter chocolate ganache cake

Bran raisin sunflower seed muffin

Almond brownie (G/F)

Lemon confit almond cake (G/F)

Orange Genoise sponge cake with cointreau butter cream 

Apricot and pumpkin seed flapjack

Apple frangipani tart

Caramel mau

(more cakes/ pasteries available on request/ pre-orders)



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